Planning to move to a tiny home? The bedroom of your tiny home will be the subject of much discussion with your builder, and probably one of the top reasons for selecting the model you end up choosing.

In this video, we looked at a complication of 26 different tiny home bedroom examples that will give you ideas and show you the great variety of innovative builds across Canada.

How do tiny house regulations affect my bedroom design?

The bedroom of a tiny house will be most visibly affected by the certification and regulation compliance of your home.

For example, if your tiny home is Ontario Building Code compliant, it will likely have a main floor bedroom – lofts are reserved for storage only. Then there’s the way you will get into your bed – OBC compliant homes allow stairs with railings only, no ladders. Finally, there are windows and fire escape routes that will be considered as well.

And RV certified tiny home will allow lofts and ladders but will have other specifications for the builder to make sure those lofts are safe.

When considering your choice of certification, check with the location where you are planning to place your home. Also, consider its future locations as choosing a very limited use for your tiny home may prevent you from moving it in the future or selling it.

What options do I have with a main floor bedroom in a tiny home?

If you’re looking at a main floor bedroom for your tiny house, there are still plenty of wiggle room and flexibility.

For example, consider the step-up bedroom where the space is slightly raised from your main floor level and offers you storage drawers underneath the floor.

Photo: Sunshine Tiny Homes

If you’re looking for ways to sleep more people in the tiny home, consider a bunk bed.

Photo: Summit Tiny Homes

If you need an office space AND a bedroom – and only have one room, we have seen some excellent fold-away Murphy-style beds that feature a desk underneath the bed when it’s folded.

Photo: Teacup Tiny Homes

There is also the option to convert your bed into a sofa during the day to get double use from the space.

Photo: Canadian Tiny Homes

What options do I have with a loft bedroom?

The tiny home industry across Canada started with the RV-certified home and tiny homes with lofts have a long history. There are many tiny home builders across Canada who have turned loft bedrooms into an art form.

Photo: Teacup Tiny Homes

We encourage you to check out these photos of different styles of lofts to understand your preferences. Ask yourself these questions:

How do I prefer to get in and out of my loft and will my mobility be reduced over time?

Photo: Minimaliste

Is the loft a secondary bedroom that will be used less frequently, for guests only? How does this change my approach to its design?

Photo: Teacup Tiny Homes

Do I need to store my clothes next to my bed? (Several builders now prefer to put the closet in the bathroom where most people get dressed and where there is room to stand)

Photo: Fritz Tiny Homes

How much room do I need around my mattress?

Photo: Fritz Tiny Homes

How tall of a loft do I need?

Photo: Sunshine Tiny Homes

How much air flow do I need between the loft and the main space? Am I planning to be in very hot climates where it will be a challenge to keep the loft cool?

Your tiny home bedroom should feel like an oasis, a retreat within the island of your tiny home. It will be the first thing you see when you wake up and congratulate yourself on making the leap to tiny living! Whatever options you choose, we wish you good dreams and great sleeps in your beautiful tiny home bedroom!


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