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Why are tiny homes so expensive? And other awkward questions about tiny homes

Wondering how to connect all the dots of tiny home living? You’re not alone – it’s a new lifestyle and many things are not what they appear!

We asked our friends in the Canadian tiny home industry some cringy questions. So you don’t have to.

Why are tiny homes so expensive?

When you started looking into tiny homes a few years ago, were they noticeably more affordable than now? What happened? Bianca from The Giving Tree Consultancy helps people start their tiny home journey. She also lives in a tiny home herself. She agreed to give us a “foundation on inflation”!

Is it possible to “get busy” in a tiny home loft?

Apparently this does come up a lot in tiny home conversations! Jen from Teacup Tiny Homes gives us some tips in the L-O-V-E department!

How do I keep from tracking mud into my tiny home?

Hey, who would want mud, salt, and grime all over those beautiful heated tiny home floors? That was NOT part of your vision! Bianca from The Giving Tree Consultancy comes back to tell us how, living in a tiny house with a 5-year-old and her husband who does work outdoors, she makes it work. Find out how often she cleans her house!

Have more awkward questions? Leave them in the comments below and we will find someone to answer them!

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