Awkward Questions About Tiny Living

What is the resale value of a tiny home on wheels?

Video transcription:

Presented by Jen from Teacup Tiny Homes.

What is the resale value of a tiny home on wheels? So we’ve been in business since 2016. That’s when we started Teacup. So it’s been a while. It’s been a hot minute since we started building tiny homes and obviously the market of what was years ago is way, way different than it is now.

In the last few years, we’ve seen build materials skyrocket. Obviously a pandemic that no one was expecting and a lot of other things. The tiny home market has also gained a ton of momentum, so we still consider the tiny home movement to be very much so in its infancy.

What does that have to do with the resale value of your tiny home? That means that if the growth curve is going like this, then typically what we’re seeing of people reselling their tiny homes, after they’ve had them for a few years, is they are actually getting more money for them than when we first built them.

So we may start to see this level out a little bit now that building costs and building materials have levelled out as well. But what I do know to be true is that our clients have been able to successfully sell their homes for quite a bit more, I’m talking like 20 to 30 grand more than what they originally paid us for it.

Another thing is that our first show home has been sold, I believe two or three times now and I do know that with that tiny home, it has been resold for higher value than what it was purchased for and sold for in the future. So that’s really exciting. And that’s a really, really great thing about the tiny home industry and the growth and the momentum that it’s getting right now.

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