Tiny Homes in Quebec

Tiny homes, or mini-maisons, are becoming more and more popular in Quebec. Some of the factors contributing to this trend are home affordability, but also the desire to live more sustainably and spend more time in the beautiful Quebec nature.

Tiny Homes for Sale in Quebec

See tiny homes for sale by owner all over Quebec. Click the link on the bottom of each post to contact the seller directly.

Tiny Home Builders in Quebec

There are several tiny home builders in Quebec offering a multitude of options, from tiny homes on wheels to tiny homes on a foundation. they cater to different lifestyles as well. Some are RV-certified tiny homes on wheels, some are homes on a foundation that can be delivered to a cottage site, and some are intended for year-round living.

3325 Rang 6 Ouest, Saint-Léandre, QC, G0J 2V0

25, rue Lefebvre Nord local 15 Lachute Qc J8H 3R8

montée Baker Pond Bolton-Est, Qc J0E1G0

1134 St Catherine Ouest Suite 910, Montreal, QC H3B 1H4

22 Rogel-Lamoureux, Local 101, St-Cyprien-de-Napierville Québec, Canada

20837 Chemin de la Côte N, Blainville, QC J7E 4H5

1537 Chem. Royal, Saint-Pierre, QC, G0A 4E0

Burlington, Ontario

Where to put a Tiny Home in Quebec

We have seen several tiny home communities in planning stages in Quebec. There is also a growing trend for "eco-communities" nestled in nature that are intended for sustainable living.

Some municipalities have relaxed bylaws when it comes to minimum dwelling sizes and types of foundations, for example allowing tiny homes on wheels to be anchored.

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