Buying a Tiny Home

Tiny homes are not just cheap homes, nor should they be

Cheap is only a good thing when you need lots of it. If you need a little, you may find that cheap is not good enough. 

Tiny homes turn the idea of “plenty” on its head. Instead striving for more stuff, we turn our attention to quality. It’s all about thoughtful choices – if you could have just one painting in your home, which would it be? 

Tiny homes are probably not as cheap as you thought

The cost of tiny homes in Canada depends on size and your choice of finishings, features, and options – but the range is somewhere between $60,000 and $150,000. So, a tiny home is not exactly something you can afford to pick up on your way from the grocery store. However, it is also much, much cheaper than a conventional home. 

The magic of tiny home living lies in the quality. Tiny homes are made of the best building materials, not cheap ones, letting you live well on very little. If you’re able to fit your lifestyle into a tiny home, you will see the benefit of this tradeoff. Less floor area with better (even luxury) materials will cost the same as bigger floor area with cheap materials and “cut corners”. 

Quality finishings, furniture, and decor

Photo by Jed Owen on Unsplash

The quality of building materials in a tiny home extends to the quality of finishings and even your furniture and decor. With a smaller space to fill, you have more opportunity to choose something meaningful to you, even if it costs a little more. At a small scale, you may find yourself being able to afford some things that you couldn’t before. After all, just 3 square feet of the most beautiful tile or the most luxurious marble countertop are still not THAT expensive. 

The same applies to furniture, art, everything else. Imagine buying a mansion with seven bedrooms and four baths. You can’t exactly leave those rooms empty, but you also can’t afford to put the “best” things in each one. In a tiny home, you don’t need to compromise. If you only need two chairs and one painting, you choose the ones that really love. 

Quality possessions

It may seem like a paradox, but tiny house living is often called “clutter-free”. It’s counterintuitive to think that a tiny space will have less clutter – won’t it have more? Actually, with a mindful approach to tiny living, you can enjoy a more purposeful relationship with all your possessions. 

When it comes to stuff, the tiny home gives you permission to really savour each item. For example, instead of having 30 pairs of shoes, you may only find room for three. As a result, you will find yourself buying more mindfully and you may end up with more things that are handmade with care and have special personal meaning to you. Instead of shopping just because you’re bored, the belongings you do invite into the tiny home will take a special place in your life, almost like travel companions in the tiny home journey.

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