Parking a Tiny Home

This Ontario municipality welcomes THOWs (YES, officially!)

Where can you put a tiny home on wheels in Ontario? Consider the Township of Leeds & Thousand Islands. Located in a beautiful region just east of Kingston, this place will take your breath away.

Earning their place as one of the friendliest Ontario municipalities when it comes to tiny homes, Leeds & Thousand Islands have completely removed their minimum residence size requirement in 2017. Indeed, they started welcoming tiny homes two years before the Province of Ontario started warming up to them.

This municipality allows tiny homes on any lot that permits residential dwellings, whether the home is on a foundation or on wheels, prefabricated or not. As long as the home passes the Ontario Buildling Code, it’s welcome to stay. 

tiny house exterior


You will need to build an 8-foot deep porch across the entire front of your tiny or small house and a smaller rear porch if your house has a back door. A tiny house on wheels will also need skirting in “like material as the house exterior”. 

While lot sizes remain at traditional sizes, the municipality does make a point of saying that you don’t need to landscape your entire lot and the wild natural look is actually encouraged. Great, less lawn-mowing and happier bees! Also, you may be able to put two tiny or small homes on a single lot – “ask us”, they say. 

And that’s it! With that in mind, get ready to enjoy the world-famous Thousand Islands and your tiny house as you sip coffee on that lovely 8-foot-deep porch.  

For more information, check the municipality website:

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