The Piper Tiny House is the perfect escape from city-life. 

Located on 137 acres of Land in Halton Hills, Ontario, the Piper Tiny House is a quaint and exquisite tiny home. It welcomes everyone who steps through its door with a warm and cosy ambience. 

Zoey, the owner of the Piper Tiny House, chose the name based on her family’s aviation history. Along with her business partners and co-hosts, Annie and Mike, they provide a unique guest experience.

“Piper is an aircraft manufacturer, and I have many memories of my time in aviation and being around Piper-made aircraft. I thought it would be a beautiful name to bring together something that’s been a part of my family history.” 

Since July 2022, the Piper Tiny House has been giving its guests a glimpse into the freedom, independence, and adventure of tiny home living.  

“You can pack up, you can be nomadic, you can move. Piper is rooted in this idea of aviation, of just freedom and flexibility, where you are able to move wherever life takes you.” 

The fact that Zoey designed, worked with a builder, and finished the interior of the Piper Tiny House with her immediate and extended family, as well as friends, is also what makes this Airbnb a quintessential spot for your next getaway.

“I think it’s this familial love and care for the house that really shines through. When you stay and book a night with us, we want you to see and enjoy the little things that make tiny house living so special.” 

What makes the Piper Tiny House so unique? 

Well, for starters, it is completely off the grid. 

If you’re searching for a vacation rental with no Internet or television, Piper Tiny House has got you covered. 

“It is a retreat away from the city where you can really connect with nature without the distraction of city life. The experience is about bringing a book, playing a board game, and disconnecting.” 

The Piper Tiny House is also pet friendly and eco-friendly. The entire home runs on solar-power and is water-efficient. 

“People are able to come and stay at the Airbnb, knowing that their experience is having a lesser impact on the environment.” 

Another aspect of the Piper Tiny House experience is being a part of a dynamic living space that is dynamic with the guest. 

There is a built in nook incorporated into the stairs where people can store their shoes. There is also a Murphy bed conveniently tucked away on the main floor, in the living / dining area.

“Our guests love the Murphy bed. It’s got hydraulics. It’s easy to use. You follow the instructions and you just put the bed down and put it back up when you’re done sleeping so little things like that are what I guests really enjoy.” 

The layout of Piper Tiny House is an additional factor that will leave you in awe.  

Up to four people can sleep inside the house, which is under 400 feet. You will not feel crowded nor will you feel as if you are invading someone else’s space. Comfort is always key! 

There is also a loft for those who like to sleep upstairs and a main floor downstairs with a bedroom that is accessible to persons of all ages. 

“We had a guest who stayed with her mother. Her mother could sleep downstairs with no issues while the guest could sleep in the upstairs loft, so it worked out well.” 

Zoey said that guests also love the Tiny Piper House because of its level of privacy in the home. 

“We’ve added accordion doors to the downstairs bedroom. That way, people are able to have a peaceful night’s sleep. If they bring their kids and want a quiet and dark night time space for them, they are able to close the accordion doors so they can get some level of peace and quiet. So, that’s been a really great thing for our guests.” 

However, it is not just the privacy and layout that attracts people to the Tiny Piper House. 

Zoey and her family have incorporated aviation elements throughout the home, which guests truly adore. 

A couple recently wrote in Zoey’s guest book that they got engaged while staying at the Piper Tiny House. 

They wrote that one of them was involved in aviation, so the partner found and chose the Piper Tiny House because it had aviation mementos strewn throughout the home. 

“It’s a memory we’ll always remember at the Piper Tiny House.” 

The Piper Tiny House is a year-round rental. 

With spring rapidly approaching, book your stay at the Piper Tiny House and enjoy hiking, fishing, archery, axe throwing and so much more all located less than an hour from Toronto:

“Come and experience a tiny house and see what tiny house living is all about.” 



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