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She accidentally won a Minimaliste tiny home from McDonald’s. Can you help?

In 2022, we ran an article titled ‘Accidentally won a tiny house from McDonalds?’ It was about the McDonald’s Coast to Coast Monopoly board, which featured a four-season Minimaliste tiny home as the prize for a lucky participant.

Well, we’re thrilled to tell you that Olivia did just that – she won the tiny home! Can you imagine?

Unfortunately, as a university student, she has her head down, working hard. While excited by the prospect of tiny living, Olivia believes going tiny requires careful planning and preparation, and she doesn’t have the time or space to embrace it just yet. Fair enough!

Photo: Minimaliste

Now, she and Minimaliste are working together to find the Nomad tiny home a forever owner. Could that person be you? (Why not?)

How I won a tiny home through McDonald’s

We’d like to introduce Olivia – a 19-year-old student, busy working day-in and day-out at a university in Ontario.

“I didn’t know what a tiny home was – I was expecting to win fries!”

October last year saw her in the car with her aunt and uncle, driving home to Toronto for Thanksgiving. They stopped for a McDonald’s along the way. While idly peeling off the sticker, she noticed she’d won something she’d never heard of before – a “tiny home?

Olivia chuckles as she recalls the story. “I didn’t know what a tiny home was – I was expecting to win fries!”

Photo: Minimaliste

Her aunt and uncle had also never heard of tiny homes before and assumed it was a reference to some kind of doll house. Nobody really understood the implications until they got back to Toronto and Olivia jumped onto Google, only to realize that tiny homes are in fact… actual houses!

And that – in brief – is the story of how a hard-working university student came to win a Minimaliste Nomad tiny home.

Meet Minimaliste’s Nomad tiny home

JP Marquis, the VP of Sales and Business Development at Minimaliste explained to us that the decision to put one of their homes in the McDonald’s Monopoly draw wasn’t undertaken lightly. Ultimately, they “decided to jump in because this was a wonderful way to help democratize tiny houses at a higher level, proving they’re now a real thing, and not just something you see on TV or social media.”

The Nomad is one of Minimaliste’s most popular and versatile tiny home ranges, available in a 28ft, 30ft and 30ft 5th wheel version. It features a door at the back, with a sleek, modern interior finish. The dinette provides a comfy area to eat or relax, and the small kitchen has everything you’ll need, including a propane oven and cooktop, and fridge.

An optional washer/dryer combo unit means no laundromats! (Or you could leave the space open for extra storage.)

Photo: Minimaliste

The Nomad is a one-bedroom model (with a queen mattress) and has plenty of space for guests – the dinette even folds out into a spare bed. You’ll find a comfortable bathroom with a surprisingly spacious shower and composting toilet.

“Proving they’re now a real thing, and not just something you see on TV or social media”

You’ll notice the wooden and black exterior siding, a hallmark aesthetic of the Minimaliste brand. It’s perfect for nature lovers, creating the incredible effect of simultaneously both blending in and standing out.

Where can you put this Nomad tiny home?

JP explains that “a leveled and compacted surface is ideal. If the unit is equipped with off-grid options, the site doesn’t need to have any services available. That being said, you can install the Nomad on any campground or RV park too. You could also install it at the back of your property if the city bylaws allow for it!”

Photo: Minimaliste

Once your new tiny home is delivered, setting up is a very quick process. “Just level it, install the four stabilizers provided at each corner, deploy the folding deck (if included), plug in water, septic, and electricity, and enjoy your tiny lifestyle!”

Olivia and Minimaliste have a tiny home for you

And so, dear readers, we find ourselves in a unique situation. As much as tiny homes have intrigued Olivia and her family, it’s sadly not a realistic option for them right now.

A friend offered to buy it, but a permit issue derailed that approach.

Photo: Minimaliste

As such, she and her family are looking to sell it. This presents a one-of-a-kind opportunity for one lucky person to get a great deal on the tiny home of their dreams. It also comes with $11,000 in upgrades, including the following:

  • Folding deck and stairs
  • Freshwater tank
  • Waste water holding tanks (grey and black water)

McDonald’s requires Minimaliste to fulfill their contractual obligation and send the home out for delivery by May 31st. That means you could be the proud owner of a fully kitted out, four-season Nomad tiny home by June. All you need is somewhere to put it! (Check out our land directory).

Here’s how it will work.

  1. As the buyer, you’ll purchase the home from Olivia.
  2. Legally, Minimaliste will ‘give’ the home to Olivia, as she won the competition.
  3. However, if your purchase of this Nomad home is completed before the end of May, they’ll send it straight to you instead.

This means you get a tiny home almost immediately, Olivia can resume her studies with renewed funds, and Minimaliste gets yet another happy customer!

Follow this link to the sale listing on our site for more information or to make your purchase!


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