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Photos: tiny homes that are wonderfully lived-in

Just as the fashion industry is now trying to embrace real “lived-in” bodies, we wanted to celebrate real lived-in tiny homes. This collection of photos is brimming with mismatched flower pots, “family heirloom” dinnerware, and pieces of art that are there because they are loved, not because they go with the colour scheme. 

I once read in an interview with a famous interior designer that it takes an entire day to prepare a home for a magazine photoshoot. That we shouldn’t feel bad when our homes don’t look like that, because all those gigantic bouquets of fresh flowers and piles of 65 lemons are actually brought in by the designer. In other words, what we see is just a pale reflection of the REAL LIFE that happens in that home. 

Sometimes, we hear from our readers that they worry about being able to live in a tiny home – will it become visually as well as physically cluttered? These homes are not like everything else you find on Instagram. They are beautiful in their “imperfection” because they reflect their owners’ real lives. We think this is where beauty really is. 

We start with a wonderfully lived-in tiny home in Southern Ontario that we profiled earlier this month

(read the full story here).


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This magnificent riot of colour is obviously something that brings the homeowner joy. Also, bonus points for letting the puppy sleep on it!

The sunny beachy vibe in this tiny house in South Carolina is so perfect. Whoever matched the light coral colour walls with the sunshine yellow inside the wall opening… is a genius.


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This moment captured in a tiny house on wheels will live on in our hearts.


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There is so much we love about this home that we included two photos of it. These people live the way they like, period.

This tiny home’s owner loves Polish pottery and with the downsized kitchen, that’s all they use now.


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This marriage of functional and beautiful really sets the mood.


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Sophistication and simplicity rule this Canadian filmmaker’s tiny cabin.


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Do you have a wonderfully lived-in tiny home? Send us some photos to info@tinyhomesincanada.ca!

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