Modular Energy Solution is a company full of big ideas for the future of tiny homes in Ontario.

What started as a sustainable energy company quickly grew into an exploration of new ways to build and power sustainable homes.

For Modular Energy Solution, the focus is on ingenuity. Their team of engineers developed their own solar panel technology, but they didn’t stop there.

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They followed it up with a proprietary system of fiberglass panel production – and started building dwellings from this unique material.

“One of the things that’s really important to us is that these panels can be fully recycled into more fiberglass if the home is taken apart. Besides being highly energy-efficient and Ontario and National Building Code compliant, it is a lossless material.”

By eliminating thermal bridging with the fiberglass panels and embedding solar panels right into the roof panels, this company is creating an innovative modular dwelling system that can be used for both homes and commercial spaces.

Photo: Modular Energy Solution

“Glassless solar panels are fully integrated into the structure. Our homes can be assembled within hours and heated by as little as a mini-fridge. As they are completely sealed, there is an air exchange system that maintains fresh air at all times.”

Modular Energy Solution cut their homebuilding teeth on applications such as a mining camp in Nunavut and a sleeping shelter community in Kingston, ON. In both places, the client required dwellings that were extremely durable, pest and mould resistant, highly power-efficient, and easy to clean and reset for the next employee/guest.

Photo: Modular Energy Solution

Kingston, ON sleeping shelter community
Since 2021, MES and Our Livable Solutions (OLS) have supplied sleeping shelters to support homeless individuals in Kingston. These shelters offer relief from winter cold, ensuring safety and dignity until residents transition to supportive housing. Primarily, the shelters incorporate sustainable features like energy generation via mini-fridges to address thermal bridging.

“MES developed a reliable and sustainable long-term solution to address the issue of homelessness in Kingston. The shelters are lightweight, easily transportable (they are relocated twice a year), energy-efficient, and structurally robust.”

Photo: Modular Energy Solution

Nunavut mining community
MES provides tailored accommodations for mining camp workers in a distant Arctic area, constructing sleeping shelters capable of enduring harsh temperatures without harming the delicate permafrost. Thanks to collaboration and training, Matrix Aviation can now efficiently build these shelters on-site as required.

“This newfound capability has not only streamlined their operations but also eliminated thermal bridging concerns, ensuring optimal insulation and comfort for their residents.”

Photo: Modular Energy Solution

North Bay, ON off-grid food growing pod
MES partnered with Canadore College to establish an off-grid grow lab as part of their participation in cohort 1 of the ImpAct-Climate Campus Living Lab project. This unique lab showcases sustainability, addresses food security, and emphasizes meaningful engagement with Indigenous communities.

“The main objective was to demonstrate the pod as a climate-resistant solution that reduces reliance on fossil fuels while enhancing access to fresh produce in rural and Indigenous communities.”

Modular Energy Solution will be presenting their newly designed tiny home at the Tiny Home Show in Ottawa and Ancaster in Spring/Summer 2024. Meet them at the show.


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