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“We are not farmers, but dream of reducing our footprint, living off the land, and eating what we grow.  Like so many people out there, it’s a struggle paying to live nowadays.”

Photo: Robin Butler

Robin and Ted have a lot going on. Ted works in IT and Robin is an Educational Assistant. Together, they care for five other people: their two young kids as well as aging parents with long-term health issues.

So, what brought this couple to buying a sprawling and neglected farm property?

Photo: Robin Butler

“I’m sure some people would consider us completely insane to be taking on a giant project like a run-down old farm on top of caring for five other people.  But, as we get older we have realized that we only get one shot at this life, and we don’t want to waste this second half of our lives living with any regrets.  Our new motto has become, It’s now or never, so let’s do it!”

“We happened upon this farm and bought it sight unseen.  She sure needs work, as she’s a dilapidated mess, but from the ashes, we see an amazing opportunity.”

A farm that just needs a bit of TLC

Located about 30 minutes from Bancroft, Ontario, the 96-acre property offers nature, forest, and cleared acreage for farming. Robin affectionately describes a farm that is in a state of beautiful disarray – for now.

Photo: Robin Butler

“Right now, she’s not a pretty girl, but she has potential.  The 1800’s farmhouse is in a sad state and will have to be demolished. We were told it would be more expensive to repair the foundation than to rebuild the entire building – basically there’s a stream running through it.”

“It has absolutely stunning views, but is woefully neglected.”

“There are large, fenced sections of pasture, and lots and lots of acreage for farming.  There is a well with a working hand pump, as well as about 40 acres of forest.  There are stunning views of the highlands and a lake, and it is very quiet and private.  Palmer Rapids is a very small village with only a grocery store and community center, but nearby is Bancroft with lots of shops and restaurants.”

Photo: Robin Butler

Calling tiny home owners

Robin and Ted hope to find some like-minded tiny home owners with off-grid homes to come live on the farm. They are looking for people who need a place to park their wheels and are willing to contribute to building up the farm in lieu of paying rent. Rather than charging rent to the tenants, the couple plans to set up AirBNB rentals on the farm to bring in the income needed to pay for the project.

Photo: Robin Butler

“We are looking for enthusiastic, hardworking people who can live on the farm rent-free, and help us build the farm back up from its neglected state.  Different people have different skills, and we’re interested in all kinds. There’s something for everyone.  We want to give people the opportunity to grow their own vegetables, raise communal chickens, or maybe even try making their own goat cheese or try their hand at bee keeping!”

 “We’re open to ideas! “

“We’re very excited to meet like-minded people who are interested in living off the land, working as a team, collaborating on solutions and sharing each other’s knowledge and experience with the goal of carving out a nice life, living harmoniously with nature.”

Reach out: [email protected]

Photo: Robin Butler



  1. I am very interested in living in a tiny house. I have a modest budget for the land and tiny house on it. But willing to make a quick decision for the right price and location.
    Please contact ASAP. Thank you,

  2. Hello everyone, and thank you for your interest in Abbey-Mill Farm! Please know that I have NO ACCESS to your email address unless you specifically list it, so the ABSOLUTE BEST way to contact me is to EMAIL ME DIRECTLY at [email protected] . I am open to all questions and queries, and YES we still have room! Please feel free to send me an EMAIL to get more information directly! Have an awesome day!

  3. Hi Robin & Ted,
    I am a single older (not old lol) woman, and have been looking for a Tiny Village not too far from Belleville, of like minded people for a couple of years! I love what you two are doing and would love a chance to come and live and help out with bringing the property to what your Vision is! I can help with most things, gardening, yes having chickens where we could indeed have fresh eggs daily would be lovely. The gardens could be for all the wonderful fresh food that we could grow. I truly am quite interested, and would like to hear from you.
    ~Kim G.

  4. Restoring a stone foundation doesn’t necessarily have to cost a fortune.
    My gal and I are looking into tiny houses because we are worn out paying other people’s mortgages as tenants, tenants are the ones who have the most to gain from the tiny home movement.
    You spend decades making people better off than you, even better off than you.
    Tiny houses and housing cooperatives should be hand and hand, as should credit unions, ie cooperative banks;
    tiny houses and land trusts also fit well together, where the land remains protected, but the homes can be sold (or moved allowing a new tiny home to arrive;) but sales are always at a controlled price that disallows non-resident owners and speculators.

    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment! We couldn’t agree more re: renters benefiting from tiny homes!

  5. That was a leap of faith! I would like more information. I’m interested in this kind of living.

  6. Hello folks,

    I live in an RV year round. However I have to move from Gulivers Lake to Milton Heights Campground every 6 months. Do you provide land for rent or sale for RV. I have 38 ft trailer home. Do you also have elec, water, and sewerage facility?

    Many thanks,


  7. I would like to live out there and build a small log cabin home and have chickens to make fresh eggs work as much as I can on the Land to share but I like if it can be a permanent place to live one person single with back ground skills mechanic and some Garden work handy person can fix lawn mower .and trimmers good with hands

    1. Omg I am over the top after stumbling on your information on line. I live and own my own home in the Maynooth area and have been looking for a tiny home community close as I am retired and wanting to get into the tiny living. I have lots of gardening, flower and produce experience and raising chickens and rabbits with success. Please contact me when you can with the info. Thanks Kindly

  8. Love this idea. Municipal government needs to relive the bi laws to truely allow a
    Tiny home community.
    It would be similar to an industrial park, land designated for this type of community only. Prices have to be affordable, ie a tiney house should not be ober $50k with 500/mth land fees.

    It has to he designated area,under strict building guide lines

    1. Hi Richard
      Is $50,000 a normal cost for a tiny home? It seems a bit low. I love the idea also and wondering what municipalities are open to this. Some have strict Agricultural zoning laws also.

  9. Hi Robin and Ted. We met a few weeks ago when I and three other ladies came to visit your lovely property. We are still very interested in what you have to offer and would like to visit again. We will be in your area next weekend, perhaps with different folks from our planned community. Would it be possible to stop in on Friday the 26th or Saturday? Thanks Joanna

    1. Hello Joanna,

      I am also very interested in this tiny home community. I have been trying to get in touch with Robin to go out and see the land. Do you happen to have a contact number for them? I am driving up tomorrow to see if I can find them. Address would also be great. Please reply to my email address.

      Thank you Angela.

  10. Hello there, Good evening to You Robin. I have sent out an email to You.

    I would Love to hear from You, when You are able to reach out.

    Many thanks.
    Best Wishes.
    Kindly ❤️


  11. I live in your area and promote alternative communities.
    It you have a website I can link it to

  12. I would like to contact you as our company builds tiny homes and is looking for property for our customers to park them on.
    Daniel 519 831-0156

  13. What an amazing project. I am a carpenter and mechanic and I am presently looking into starting up mini home production… I look forward to speaking with you two further…

  14. Hi Robin and Ted, my boyfriend and I we’re looking at tiny home community for quite awhile but not popular here in Canada yet and difficult to find a place. We are interested to come and see your farm hopefully this summer. If you can give us the address because we are from Alberta. Thank you

    1. Hi Ariel, Thank you for your comment! You can email Robin and Ted directly to [email protected] – and if you’re coming to Ontario this summer, be sure to check out the Tiny Home Show as well (https://tinyhome.show). Lots of great information and tiny home tours.

  15. I would like to come to visit on my through the area by the end of summer.

  16. We have been looking at tiny homes for the past few years. We have had trouble finding a place that would allow us to put one. We are very interested and if able we live in Gravenhurst and Huntsville and would love it if we could come visit and meet you to see if you feel we are good prospects for your plans.

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    1. Hi Linda and Tammy! Thanks for reaching out! Please send me an email at [email protected] and we can chat. Thanks! Robin

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