Whether you’re looking to downsize or if you need a little extra living space separate from everything else, a TargetBox tiny home built with the strength of a shipping container is exactly what you need. Each of our three standard sizes comes complete with doors and windows, with a fully finished interior featuring the comforts you need to live life to the fullest.

TargetBox tiny container homes include R22 insulation and drywalled ceilings and walls with all of the electricity you need to begin using your home upon delivery. Vinyl plank flooring comes standard and custom exterior paint colours help to make this portable living space a solution that fits the lifestyles of every Canadian.

Explore all three of our tiny home sizes:

“The Nest” – 13-Foot Shipping Container Tiny Home
If you’re a Canadian who wants a little extra space with the basics to make it a comfortable living space, trust TargetBox’s Nest tiny home. This strong 104 sq ft ready-to-move-into portable dwelling gives you the sleeping space you need at a price you can afford.

“The Burrow” – 20ft Shipping Container Tiny Home
TargetBox’s Burrow tiny home delivers 8’ x 20’ portable living space wherever it’s needed. These stunning spaces include all of the modern features you need, with sleeping space, dining space, washroom and a full kitchen.

“The Den” – 40ft Shipping Container Tiny Home
For the ultimate tiny container home experience, choose TargetBox’s Den – a tiny home that gives homeowners 320 square feet of living space with many of the comforts even the most discriminating buyer desires. The Den has it all, from modern bathroom to full kitchen and workspace to sleeping space.

Why buy a cozy tiny home from Canadian-owned and operated TargetBox?
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