Habitat28 is an Ontario based company that specializes in prefabricated tiny houses that are affordable and sustainable while still stylish and luxurious. Their tiny houses are on foundation, not classified as a vehicle, and therefore an appreciating asset. Built in Canada, insulated for four season living, OBC (Ontario Building Code) compliant and all overseen by a builder with 28 years of experience under his belt. Habitat28 has developed an entire ecosystem through 3rd parties to provide you with services like procuring land and getting your permitting. Whether it’s a rental suite in your backyard, cottage, kiosk, or more Habitat28’s tiny houses offer versatility that can provide the perfect solution for you.

Their Affordability Initiative is a groundbreaking program dedicated to addressing the pressing issue of affordable housing. Habitat28 aims to bridge the gap between skyrocketing housing costs and the limited resources of individuals and families, through strategic partnerships, innovative financing options, and community-driven approaches. Their Affordability Initiative is not just a program; it is a commitment to building stronger, more equitable communities for everyone. You can find more information and pricing on their website below.