Imagine a life of freedom, a life less complicated, a life where you are in touch with the world around you. At Express Tiny Homes, we enable you to live anywhere! When you dwell small, you can live a life bigger and with more freedom than you thought possible. We believe that everyone should have the ability to live life with fewer constraints and more financial freedom than a traditional home offers. Living tiny offers a transformative experience, embracing a simpler, intentional way of life.

Limited space encourages mindful consumption and creative storage solutions. It fosters a closer connection with nature, prioritizes experiences over possessions, and reduces environmental impact. Living tiny brings freedom, minimalism, and a fresh perspective on what truly matters. At Express Tiny Homes, we are a Canadian family-owned Mennonite business making homes for other families, crafted in our shop near Listowel, Ontario. Our premium Tiny Homes are customizable and can be built to a variety of budgets! Our homes are expertly crafted by skilled craftsmen who put thoughtful attention to structure and detail. Express Tiny Homes are built to last a lifetime.

The models we offer can be built as they are designed, or they can be inspirational starting points for a completely customized home. Express Tiny Homes can make your dream a reality. With Express Tiny Homes, you can indeed live anywhere.