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Land for tiny homes you can buy right now

While we work on putting together a Tiny Home Land Directory for you, we sometimes find lots for sale now that some of you may like to see… now!

Here are a few of pieces of property where, according to the realtors, you can put a tiny home.

Land for a tiny home in British Columbia

Sunshine Valley Grove

Tiny homes on wheels are allowed and welcome in this subdivision with 900-year land lease.

5000 sq ft lots (starting at $139,900) and ¼ acre lots (starting at $225,000) are fully serviced with water, septic, power, and Telus fiber all at the lot line ready for you to extend inside your lot and attached to your (Tiny) Home.

In fact, a few tiny homes are already there. Here’s what the lease contract has to say about it:

Placement of a single “Tiny Home” or “Modular Home” with a maximum floor area of 600 sq. ft. per level, maximum 2 levels total (including Loft), maximum footprint of all roof coverings including accessory buildings not to exceed 1/3 of lot area for full-time or part-time living accommodation. Home must have one of the following certifications; CSA Z240 MH Series, CSA Z240 RV Series, CSA Z241 Park Model Trailer, CSA A-277 or other standard that is acceptable to the Landlord, at the Landlord’s sole discretion.

Several lots are still available. Contact Walter Rawlinson for more information.

Photo: Sunshine Valley Grove

Photo: Sunshine Valley Grove

Kaslo lot for creative people

$35,000 gets you 6250 sq. ft. of land, and since land is measured on a map, this cheeky slope gets you even more land than you bargained for!

Kul Nijjar says, “In this area are a few folks who have built small off grid cabins. You do need a building permit if you are going to build something fixed/attached to the land. Some folks I have seen build homes on wheels.” It seems, this lot being just outside of Kaslo itself, it is not covered by its zoning, so creative living arrangements are possible.

There are more than a few challenges to overcome, such as water (rain or hauled in), Ministry of Transportation permit for a driveway, off-grid electricity, waterless toilets and a grey water system, etc. But, the price speaks for itself.

Photo: Seller

Land for tiny homes in Ontario

39 acres with a tiny home in Sifton, Ontario

Kerry Pasloski tells us about the organized township of Sifton, which still doesn’t require building permits, meaning you can place your tiny home, or multiple tiny homes, on this property. There are 600 acres of Crown Land directly adjacent to the lot. The town is south of Kenora, close to the border with Minnesota.

She says, “the township would maintain the road up to and just past this property with the owner responsible for their own garbage removal. The property has a fire number so it has an address for mail, insurance, bank purposes etc which most unorganized don’t have a fire number and it can be an issue dealing with banks and insurance companies because of this.”

The lot is selling for $177,900, has a two-tank system with a leaching bed for septic with an outhouse and the well is a dug well which is 18-20 ft deep, currently isn’t fully hooked up. An off-grid tiny home actually comes with the property. See more details here: For sale: 175 POLLARD RD, STRATTON, Ontario P0W1N0 – TB222891 |

Photo: Seller

Photo: Seller

Land for tiny homes in New Brunswick

New Brunswick realtors may just be the most optimistic in our country, some of them telling me that “there is no zoning” and “zoning is whatever you want it to be”. Hey, maybe it’s true. Just hard for an Ontario gal to hear…

However, this particular spot may just work for a tiny home

This lot is just outside of Salisbury, NB and costs only $59,900 for 4 acres. Driveway and tiny home pad are ready and waiting. Rural residential zoning in NB has a reputation for being easy-breezy.

Photo: Seller

Photo: Seller

If you want your tiny home closer to the ocean…

Here’s another option in New Brunswick, close to the ocean, close to the highway, and including a lovely stream.

1.8 acres for just under $22K, this property, interestingly, already has a tiny home permitted. Jocelyn Clements says, “There was also a permit for single site activity that was sent into Service New Brunswick and approved.” She also wrote, “It would be great to start seeing more tiny homes here in NB”. A sentiment we hope to see more of across the country!

Photo: Seller

Photo: Seller

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