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SOLD: Warm minimalist tiny home on wheels

 This brand new modern tiny house on wheels is built in Ontario. And it will stay warm all year long. The sanded pine walls and plentiful windows create a sense of calm and harmony in this space. Take a look at the photos! Something about this design is just so relaxing.

The home can operate independently with a 50-gallon water tank, propane, composting toilet, and solar panels (additional $15,000 for this option).

A warm welcoming layout with the sofa facing the room. Everything from the window frames to the storage door handles is just perfect.

tiny house interior

Check out that extra countertop space! The double patio door gives you a ton more light.

tiny house interior

The exterior is very much in harmony with the interior. Imagine your landscaping around this home. Maybe some tall wispy grasses and prairie flowers for the bees? 

tiny house exterior

A storage loft with extra window. The wall opposite the door will be a perfect home for your art and photo collection – to greet you as you walk in. 

tiny house interior

Lovely bathroom storage alongside this roomy shower.

tiny house interior

Everything about this bedroom is super cozy.

tiny house interior

Details here or contact the builder at 

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