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Sold: Unique 547 sq ft. Tiny Home in Waterford, Ontario

Seller Description
What’s more awesome than your own Tiny House? Nothing! This sweet piece of portable real estate is ready to make its way to a new location for your next Home Sweet Home. It would be ideal as a cottage, or as a starter for someone who loves living simply. We have a complete list of features and inclusions ready for you as well as a starting point for the roadmap to getting yourself set up. The Tiny comes in three sections that are put together and has been professionally wired with THE coolest secondary access to the upper storage space, a rock wall! High ceilings and large windows allow so much light to come in, while modern conveniences like a washer/dryer combo make life easier. Have a look at the photos and floor plans and let us know if it’s something that will work for you! (Please note that this is the Tiny House only, no land or foundation included).

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  1. Is this still available!? Thank you for your time. Does it have a shower?

    1. Hi Helene, Looks like the house has sold. We will update the listing and please check out our more recent listings for some great options!

  2. Is this basically a trailer? I’m not looking for a trailer. I don’t want to park my tiny house in a trailer park. I want a permanent home in a tiny house. I want a place where I can live all year round, pay my property taxes and services, the same thing I’d do if I had a ‘regular/normal’ house.

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