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For Sale: Tiny House by Adorable Abodes Ltd in ON – starting from $140,000

  • Built-in movable modules to the highest standard
  • Can be transported and assembled on your land, or alternatively, on our land here at Golden Pond, (presently in the planning stage)
  • Customized design with fancy woodwork
  • This unit is designed best suited for single moms with a child in mind
  • 2 BR upstairs with full standing height
  • Living area 325 sqft (minimum OBC requirement)
  • Configuration can be modified, i.e. one bedroom ground floor or additional modules to increase the floor area
  • This abode is 9 ft x 22 ft, plus 9 ft x 16 ft upstairs
  • Stairs outside to maximize room on the ground floor. Other options are possible
  • Full height second story, ceiling insulated to level R-40-45
  • Two small patios on the ground level as well as upper level
  • Excellent insulation value due to superb construction.
  • SIPS (structured engineered panel system)
  • Two fully insulated floor systems (one removable) full 10” (R-45),
  • Galv. Sheet metal underneath for protection from rodents.
  • Handcrafted well insulated entry doors
  • Hand-crafted crown molding in the living area
  • Hand-crafted wood panel wall in the living area
  • The ceiling upstairs is oak and birch
  • Handcrafted ‘captains berth’ upstairs
  • Roof shingles metal, Italian style Toskana, lifetime warranty
  • Wired throughout with 110V panel as well as 12 V system
  • Heated by a propane heater; optional is a second one upstairs other means of heating is possible
  • Insulated ceiling, creating ‘micro thermal’ areas, excellent soundproofing.
  • Large bathroom (48 sqft),
  • 2 dormers standard
  • No plumbing or kitchen in the model unit will be customized for the purchaser.
  • If other configurations are desired, your abode can be customized
  • Price $ 140 k to $ 160 k plus tax
  • Financing may be arranged

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