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SOLD: Tiny Home for $80,000 in Caledon, ON

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Whether you’re in the market for a little get away home (cottage life etc) or are looking for something a little more “full time living” , look no further!

We purchased this tiny home just over a year ago and completely gutted it down to just the outer shell in order to make our vision come to life.

This home is roughly 325 sqft and was made to be lived in all year round. Although it is small, it doesn’t feel it at all. This home has two comfortable sized bedrooms, one on either end with a spacious living/kitchen area and a double sided full bathroom in between. The end bedroom can also be used as an office etc if the kids beds are not needed.

Although this tiny home is on wheels, we don’t recommend using it as a traveller. We made it knowing that it would stay put in the same spot for a while. It’s perfect for someone who has a little “slice of heaven” (piece of property) that they would be able to park it on to enjoy it.

Below I have listed all of the things this beauty includes. I will also add that the home will come fully furnished if buyer desires!

This tiny home was built to be stayed in all year round. We were sure to finish it with BASEBOARD HEATERS in each room, a DUCTLESS SPLIT HEATER and 3 “ SPRAY FOAM INSULATION. We have stayed in our “tiny home” many times over the winter and have been 100% warm and cozy the entire time. The ductless split also works amazing when keeping the home nice and cool all summer long.

The home comes ready and easy to use with simple SEPTIC AND WATER HOOKUPS as well as a 2 STAGE WATER FILTRATION SYSTEM (iron and sediments) for entering water to insure it’s as clean as can be. The kitchen includes a FULL SIZE PROPANE STOVE/OVEN with RANGE HOOD and FULL SIZE FRIDGE. We were also sure to include (as per my wife’s wishes) a FULL SIZED PANTRY to maximize food storage etc.

This home also includes a PROPANE TANKLESS WATER HEATER. The entire home can run off a 50 AMP BREAKER and includes LED POTLIGHTS in every room.

TILE BACKSPLASH in the kitchen and TILE FLOORS in the bathroom to give it that luxurious feel as well as a FULL SIZE, FLUSHABLE TOILET and a 4’x3’ STOCK TANK STYLE SOAKER TUB/SHOWER. We have installed a wall fan in the bathroom to help pull moisture out during showers (it works wonders) and it’s also great for switching over and pulling fresh air into the home when needed.

This tiny home is 95% completed. The only things that need to be finished are the window and door trim. (As well as my wife wanting to change the door to a “nice, fancy” one but it’s truly fine with the one it has). I am currently working on finishing said tasks.

Asking $80,000. Please message if interested, serious inquiries only!


  1. How much does it cost for two bedroom could you please get back to me with land thank you

  2. How much is it to rent??.let me know. Asap

  3. Hi
    How can we pay for that and does it have washing machine?

  4. Hi guys ,
    Does it come with a piece of land? If yes, what are the size and location?

  5. How does it work with the land ?

  6. Hi i am interested please reply

    1. How much is the rent? It would be nice if the price of this tiny home includes land with it..

    2. Hi Mirza, you can contact the seller through this link here:


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