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I built this in the summer of 2018 and have been living and adding to it ever since. The tiny home is on an 8’x20’ deck over trailer and is built for year-round living. The home is equipped with a variety of unique features I have designed and constructed myself, including an electric elevator bed, two solar collection systems, and radiant heating. The house is 95% finished and comes fully furnished, the only remaining work is cosmetic trim work I have yet to do. Reason for selling is that I am moving in with my partner. Please see the specifications below and feel free to reach out with any questions.


  • Square feet: 140 ft2 internal space
  • Ceilings 8-11 ft height
  • Total weight: ~9,000 lbs
  • Walls: 2×4 studs 24” O.C., equipped with rockwool insulation and 3” rigid XPS foam on the exterior. R-30
  • Roof: 2×6 joists 24” O.C. equipped with rockwool insulation and 4” rigid XPS foam on the exterior. R-50
  • Floor is 4” of EPS foam, sealed in with an addition 3” of spray foam: R-25
  • Structural lateral system is interior plywood
  • Trailer frame is rated for 10,000 lbs, built out of ¼” HSS throughout


  • The layout consists of the washroom at the front of the trailer, with bathroom sink, storage, standing shower, and Nature’s Head composting toilet.
  • Kitchen is 8’ countertop with double sink and stainless-steel backsplash
  • There is a working desk with 28” TV, and two chairs
  • Desk has a slide out to transition into a dining room table
  • There is a Ikea PAX storage system for clothing storage, along with a small dresser
  • At the rear of the house, there is a queen bed on pulleys that can lift and lock with safety pins at a high level, underneath there is a sectional couch.
  • There are four windows allowing plenty of natural light, window dressings included

Electrical System

  • Full solar electric system with battery that supplies house
  • System comes with 3x370W roof mounted solar panels
  • 24V x 100 AH LifePO4 battery
  • Battery monitor is inside the house to see current levels
  • Solar Inverter/Charger combo with automatic switchover to grid on low battery power
  • System can be programmed easily to be solar priority, or grid priority with solar backup – manual will be provided
  • Solar system feeds power into standard 6-breaker panel
  • House can be fully run off of 30 AMP – 120V grid connection all year
  • Solar is enough to run the house during the summer months with no grid tie
  • All LED lights including
    • 9 pot lights
    • Oven lights
    • Exterior light
    • Shower light
    • Bathroom light
    • 2 wall sconces
  • Appliances included
    • Dual burner induction cooktop
    • Small toaster oven
    • Whirlpool – Mini fridge with separate fridge/freezer compartment
    • Sylvania TV
    • Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm with battery backup

Mechanical Systems

  • Heating is run off of a 40-gallon hot water storage tank that circulates water through a radiant ceiling, radiant floor in the bathroom, and electric unit heater.
  • Energy is collected from 30 evacuated tube solar array on the front of the house
  • Supplemental heat is provided from an additional 2-gallon hot water heater booster, this is WIFI controlled and can be set on a schedule/temperature adjusted from your phone
  • House comes with Lifebreath HRV to remove moisture while showering/cooking, heat is recovered such that fresh air is almost at room conditions
  • Heating is controlled by Ecobee Lite thermostat – can be turned on/off from you phone
  • Plumbing system is equipped with two modes of operation
  • House can be hooked up to any standard hose connection and get fresh water through all taps
  • In the winter time – if hose connection is not available, there is 88 gallons of fresh water storage tanks underneath the washroom inside the heated space, equipped with a booster pump. Tanks can be filled as needed for fresh water supply to the house, simple valve changeover required.
  • The use of a composting toilet means there is only grey water leaving the house
  • Water filtration system under the sink
  • There is an Arduino coded system that controls the HRV, equipped with temperature sensors to read various temperatures of the systems, raw code file will be provided if you are interested.

Also included

  • I have full drawings for the house, including mechanical/electrical schematics, and framing layout, I will provide digital and hard print copies of all the design information I have created
  • 200 feet of expandable hose for filling tanks in winter
  • 4×6-Tonne jack-stands for supporting the house
  • Stairs up to house
  • Drainage piping (~30 ft of 3” ABS)
  • Misc. hardware/items from house construction that are relevant (i.e. glycol for solar system, all paint chips/extra paint, caulking for the bathroom, hardware/screws)
  • If needed I can also move/set up to your current location in southern Ontario if we come to an agreement.


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