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For Sale: 30′ x10’6″ tiny home in ON for $99,000

Are you looking for a tiny house or a quick additional dwelling unit to your current property? Whether it’s a rental suite in your backyard, cottage, kiosk, or more Habitat28’s tiny houses could be the perfect solution for you. Habitat28’s tiny houses are on foundation, not classified as a vehicle, and therefore an appreciating asset.

The S28ECO is the perfect prefabricated modern living solution built in Canada for four season living, and is Ontario Building Code compliant. All of the utilities you need are integrated to manage your living experience. The S28ECO provides you with the flexibility to use its versatility for everything you can imagine from a space. Its luxurious and environmentally sensitive living space is constructed from premium materials infused with nature-friendly design. We at Habitat28 have developed an entire ecosystem through 3rd parties, to provide you with services like procuring land and getting your permitting. The S28ECO provides the future of homes now.

SPECIAL DISCOUNT $99,000 for the first 99 S28ECO models sold!

Area: 315 sq ft
Length: 30ft
Width: 10ft 6in
Height: 10ft 5in<
Occupancy: 2-4 people

Standard Features:

  • Large blackout skylight
  • Interior and exterior LED strip lighting
  • Smoke detector
  • Spray foam insulation
  • Scratch/stain resistant interior wall paneling
  • Built in closet
  • Hot water tank
  • Built in kitchen cabinets
  • Built in waterproof structure
  • Steel structure frame
  • Standard color aluminum facade panel
  • Double-glazed windows with argon gas
  • Window coverings
  • Four season ready
  • Energy saving electrical system
  • Panoramic balcony
  • Balcony door with lock
  • Energy/heat recovery system
  • Split air conditioner for heating and cooling
  • In-floor heated bathroom

Upgrades and customization features are available

Current wait time is 4-6 months depending on your place in the waitlist.

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