Rob “The Tireman” is starting an off-grid tiny home community in Northern Ontario and he’s inviting people with tiny homes, campers, and cabin materials to come join him.

The property is located in an unorganized township 63 km outside of Hearst, Ontario, which is about 500 km directly north of Sault Ste Marie.

Here are details from Rob:

Off-grid camp spots available for 2022, each spot is approx. 0.8 of an acre. These spots are good for tiny homes, campers or build a cabin. Lots of lakes and fishing spots all within a 1/2 hr drive. Crown land behind the camp site. 

The lots are $350 a month, or $250 for half lots. No leases, you pay- you stay as long as you like. Simple rules: no hoarding, keep the place tidy and be kind to others.

Unorganized land means no building permits required. Contact Rob for more information: [email protected]



  1. Looking for more information on getting a place to build my tiny home

  2. Hello
    I would love to come live here
    Could you send me any forms needed to be signed
    I need a lot for August first if you have any availability
    Thank you so much

  3. Hi there hat you have created is something I dreamed of doing but didnt have the means to do which one of the many reasons I’m emailing you. I would love to gain more knowledge of your tiny home community and any and all details you have and can provide as I am very interested in this being my future. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

    Sincerely, (Tiny home enthusiast/entrepreneur )
    Amber Claybourne Kingston Ontario Canada

    1. sorry for late response , I didn’t get notification of it ,
      you can contact me here
      hope to hear from you

  4. hi we are interested in a full lot for us to have our trailer on

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