The Leeds and Thousand Islands municipal region is one of the friendliest places in Ontario when it comes to tiny house by-laws. So, we decided to check out whether anyone’s already built some awesome tiny homes there… and possibly put them up on Airbnb for others to enjoy.

We found 4 tiny houses that you absolutely need to see – and rent if you’re in the legendary Thousand Islands area. We also found one adorable boat, which we just HAD to include in this list.

#1: Stunning tiny guest suite on the water

Annalee’s place just oozes style. When you’re done drooling over the finishes and blonde wood everywhere, check out the waterfront. And the fact that this tiny house perfectly matches its “big brother” on the property.

#2: Tiny cabin on the river in Lansdowne

Featuring a king size bed, a double hammock, and an outdoor shower, Heather’s place will charm your socks off. Check out the adorable kitchenette, the high-end bedding, and, finally, the exposed beams in the ceiling.

#3: Tiny cottage on a private island

Yes, you can have one of the thousand islands all to yourself if you rent Jen’s place. Located on Scorpion Island on the Saint Laurence River, this tiny cottage is accessible only by boat. Unplug, slow down, and reconnect with your natural rhythms as you watch the sun rise on one side of the island and set on the other.

#4: An irresistible boat

This is not technically a tiny home, we know. But it must be seen nevertheless. Because we’re in love. If you’re here to see a thousand islands, there may be no better way to do it than on William’s boat.


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