Are you ready to move into a tiny home right now?

“I’ve never been more ready, I’ll never be more ready”, you say.

Well, for folks like you, we’ve put together the quickest opportunities to start living tiny from across Canada – right now, in Spring 2023.

In this list you will find 1. cool tiny homes you can buy right now and 2. leased land where you can put them right now. That means no waitlists or municipal council petitions necessary.

No time to read the full article? We get it! You want to start living tiny immediately! Go directly to your province here:

Start living tiny in British Columbia

Photo: Seller

This tiny home, built by Rewild, is for sale by owner and is located on a rental pad on a farm in Northern Sunshine Coast, BC. The farm owner will consider letting you stay there, or you can take the home on the road. It is insurable and has a VIN. Must be sold by May 2023, so act quickly!

Tiny homes for sale by owner:

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Start living tiny in Alberta

Photo: Teacup Tiny Homes

This brand new tiny house by Teacup Tiny Homes is sitting in the warehouse waiting for its human. Could that be you? Teacup Tiny Homes is also partnered with a local year-round tiny home land leasing community where your neighbours will be other beautiful Teacup homes – in one of the most beautiful places in Canada, Crowsnest Pass, AB. You can have this tiny home delivered directly there and start enjoying every season.

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Start living tiny in Ontario

UPDATE: Check out this Minimaliste tiny house FOR RENT, WITH LAND.

Photo: Whiterock Tiny Home Solutions Inc.

This tiny home on a foundation has already been inspected by the municipality of Cambridge, ON and signed off as meeting Ontario Building Code. If you can find someone who is willing to set up a pad/foundation for it in their backyard (either poured cement or screw piles), you can bring it as an ADU (additional dwelling unit) without having it re-inspected. You will still need to make sure you have a site permit, which just means the location and size of the home are within the required parameters of that local lot.

Most municipalities in Ontario allow ADUs – secondary dwellings in backyards. For a detailed look, check out this nifty new tool: ADUSearch.

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Start living tiny somewhere else

Here are some opportunities to start living tiny right now outside of BC, AB, and QC.

This tiny home with land in Manitoba: For Sale: Tiny Home with Land for $144,900 in Minnedosa, MB


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