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Can you raise a baby in a tiny home? And other awkward questions about tiny homes

Wondering how to connect all the dots of tiny home living? You’re not alone!

We keep it real with our friends who build and live in tiny homes across Canada, asking them the questions that you need to know.

Can you raise a baby in a tiny home?

So, you moved into a tiny home with your partner, but if you have a little bundle of joy on the way – will you have to sell the tiny home? In other words are suburban bungalows from the 70s an absolute prerequisite of having a family?

We asked Rebecca, who lives in an Instead tiny home with her partner and now two-year-old son. She tells us about her challenges and whether they’re tiny home-related or just universal to all parents of little ones.

Will my tiny home get taken over with keys and mail?

Life is so full of little things and they all need to be stored somewhere.

Bianca from The Giving Tree Consultancy tells us about her junk drawer and also explores some of the reasons we live the way we live in our spaces.

Will I get sick of sleeping in a loft?

The loft bedroom… is it a good long-term solution? Jen from Teacup Tiny Homes tells us her feelings about tiny home lofts, cat naps in lofts, sleeping in lofts, and looking out of lofts.

Is it possible to permit a tiny home if I’ve been living “off the radar” for a while?

There is a grey zone in Canada and that grey zone has a bunch of tiny homes in it. Bianca from The Giving Tree Consultancy tells us about what to expect if your situation changes and you’re able to come out of the shadows.

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