The perfect combination of luxury building skills and personal expression – meet the “Birdhouse”. This tiny treehouse was inspired by the forests of British Columbia and created to encourage relaxation and a deeper connection with nature.

The house was built by Meeres Construction Group, which is based in Chilliwack, BC and is known for building custom dream homes – big ones. When Ben Meeres, Partner and Construction Manager for the company, decided to build a tiny treehouse, it was meant to be a personal passion project and an experiment in elevated construction.

It’s now available for rent on AirBNB and has become a bit of a local attraction, booked up well, well in advance. This is not surprising, considering the uniqueness of the treehouse and the experience of living in the trees.

The walk down the custom-made suspension bridge “never gets old”, as Ben says. It immediately puts you in a different mood, telling your body that this space is going to be something different.

The space includes a stylish kitchen and cozy seating area where you can curl up with a good book and a cup of cocoa. Once you’re ready to head back to the outdoors, a pair of French Doors leads you to a back patio with an unforgettable view of the mountains with deer, coyotes, and other wildlife to spot in the fields.

Inside, a beautiful sleeping loft with skylights lets you look at the stars and wake up with the rising sun.

Ben’s passion, skill, and keen eye for design can be felt throughout the structure.

“I’m actually nearing completion of the second elevated structure now. I love my work as a custom home builder, but I’ve always wanted to be able to design and build exactly what I want on my own budget, and the treehouse was the way for me to try that.”

We are looking forward to seeing more of Ben’s designs popping up among the trees!


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